Imagine Las Vegas

"Trehy made our girls vegas weekend! If you want to feel like a VIP everywhere you go give him a call!!! Team Trehy!"

– LK Kennedy, Atlantic City, NJ

“Trehy, a name the other end of an email, the other side of the Atlantic. Yet he has treated me as if we’ve been friends for years, going the extra mile where other’s wouldn’t and seems to genuinely care that our trip will meet every expectation. It has been a real pleasure and stress free experience. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone."

– Dave, London, England

“If you go to Las Vegas and you don’t call Trehy, you are simply doing it wrong.”

– Steven Saroli, The 6

As a business professional, I entertain clients in Vegas several times a year. With Trehy's connections, he makes them all feel like celebrities.

– Troy Rushforth, Seattle, Washington

My VIP Clientele are always satisfied with Trehy’s professionalism, quick response time and fun loving personality! I won’t use anyone else but Trehy...Trustworthy and Exceptional Service!!

– Deanna Brooks, Las Vegas, NV

Your Adventure Starts Here.

Your Host

My name is Trehy Sostillio. I arrived in Las Vegas in 2009, and over the last decade, I have become an expert in Customer Experiences. I feel that one of the key things that has been lost in Las Vegas is great customer service. These days it seems it’s a quick hit then you never hear from the person again. I am here to take customer service to the next level. If I don’t have the answer you need, I will go find it for you. I put a lot of passion and pride into my work and have many clients that will vouch for the exceptional level of service I provide.

It's all about access.

  • Night Clubs
  • Day Clubs & Pools
  • Bottle Service
  • Fine Dining
  • Limos
  • Concerts & Shows
  • Spa & Massage
  • Helicopter Tours
  • Golf
  • Gun Ranges
  • Strip Clubs
  • IV Service
  • High Performance Car Experiences
  • Security
  • Conventions
  • …and more


Want to see a show? Some of the best shows in the world are here.


I can take the stress out of Bottle service by getting custom minimum spends. I then will make your reservation at any nightclub you desire.If you prefer the next level of service. I can even take the rush out of dinner by going and starting your table for you.


A lot of people do not realize exactly how big Las Vegas is. If it looks like its right there its really a mile away. Besides Las Vegas is one place you want to ride in style.

Day Clubs + Pools

Getting you the spot you want can be a little pricey but getting the right price for that spot is the next level of service.

Bottle Service

I take the time to find out what kind of deals are possible and what the bottle prices will be for the venue you wish to enjoy.

Fine Dining

Allow me to make your reservations. You tell me where you want to go and I will do what I can to make it happen.

Spas & Massage

All of that stress from the daily grind can fall away. I can help inform and advise on many different spas in town.

Helicopter Tours

The best way to view the city lights is from the Sky. Customize tours happen every day. It’s an experience you won’t forget.


Need a tee time? Or just want to drive some balls. We can help with that.

Gun Ranges

One of the best ways to blow off some steam with a little excitement is to blast some paper with an automatic rifle.

Strip Clubs

I can always help with a good business deal.

IV Service

Have a hangover? I will have some professionals come and fix you up. Custom IV packages are arranged daily.

Exotic Car Experiences

Ever wanted to take a car out and see what she can do? Or just take one for a spin around town. We got you covered.


Providing you a safe and exciting experience is key to me. I like to take you to the edge but not let you fall over it.

Convention Services

Need assistance in setting up your convention or taking your booth to next level? Imagine Las Vegas can arrange oxygen bars, masseuses, and even atmosphere models.